Our Current Partners:
“At Rocky Mountain Wild we understand the power of connections. We work to protect connected landscapes so that wildlife can find food, raise their young, and survive in a changing world. We know that ShareBrands is also passionate about connections. Their ability to help us connect the dots between consumers and the environment will ensure that future generations will marvel at the beauty and biodiversity of our region.”
Tehri Parker, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Wild

25% of green purchases go directly to Rocky Mountain Wild
Our mission is to protect, connect, and restore wildlife and wildlands in the Southern Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountain Wild

We value the clean water, fresh air, healthy communities, sources of food and medicine, and recreational opportunities provided by native biological diversity. We envision a biologically healthy future for our region with a diversity of species and ecosystems, thriving populations of wildlife, and a sustainable coexistence with the people who live here. We use the best available science to forward our mission through participation in policy, public outreach and organizing, administrative processes, legal action, and education. Our main goals are to:

  • Protect at-risk species and ecosystems.
  • Connect core habitats for wildlife to create a network of natural areas and give wildlife the freedom to roam.
  • Restore degraded habitats and native species that once populated our region.